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Aesop Rock, ZZZ Top

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Best song of 2012.


Is this ridiculous?  Yes.  Ridiculously catchy.


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STEPSON (el-p and nick diamonds) "movie tit"

Another fine El-P collaboration.

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This may not be your typical thing, but give it a chance.  C4C is a mind-blowing album, and it’s going to be hard to beat it for best of 2012.  

Do the thing you have to and I swear I’ll tell them nothing.

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One good minute could last me a whole year.

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Despot Freestyle


Despot. Ratatat.
Look at me, look at me, look at me.
Got a new tube of glue to stick the floor to your knees.
Got the tall walkers all lining up to say please.
Got the water at my neck and the world at my feet,
and some tags for the toes that I stepped on to reach
this uncomfortable seat that I stand on to speak.
Cought it up to the beat, talk’s cheap rap isn’t.
That’s me and that’s him and I’m whichever one’s winning
Pack leaders back drippin unsolicited opinions,
living on a condition that you’re drinking what I’m pissing.
Time honored tradition of the boomin’ and the hissing.
Here we do it different no talking or blinkin’.
No chalkin, no thinking, no screamin “the ship is sinking”.
They’re walking with ‘cid and fighting to die indifferent.
Like it and mind your business, or hate it and dont tell anyone,
and win yourself privelage is shaking next to the petty crumbs.
Back to the wall, nose to the other one.
Tight spot means at least they’ll will get in front of him.
Nice shot but heres a better one so duck and run.
Fuck your fun, raining on every parade of sucking thumbs.
Get your gun baby and go ll find out what that noise is.
Santa brought a coffin and a box to put your toys in
That’s the one in two chance you picked the poison.
The most you’ll ever be to your heroes is annoying. 

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Hey, put the cellphone down for a while
In the night there is something wild
Can you hear it breathing?

And, hey, put the laptop down for a while
In the night there is something wild
I feel it, it’s leaving me.

(via chfdigital)

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Golden Showers, “Video Computer System”, 2000 (!)


My only question: How does one go about getting Reggie Watts nominated for a MacArthur foundation genius grant?